Damon Medek is the developer. A copy of the design can be purchased for $4,000. That includes 10 hours of 1-on-1 so you can be brought up to speed and tailor it to your needs. It's more expensive than wix or squarespace but you own it forever and much cheaper than going through a freelancer. Any small questions must be sent with a $5 donation, any larger questions are $100 an hour over videochat.

Any small questions must be sent with $5 donation and message sent through contact form. To reach Damon by phone call is $35 per half hour.

Damon and the bandmates enjoy doing interviews as its great publicity and nice to talk shop. Damon doesn't do interviews with anyone spontaneously. The interview is free but you must send your information through the contact form. Please include what work you've done and been in, sample questions, and how you plan on doing the interview. This is to make sure the interview is professional. 

As of right now, its easiest to cancel and start a new membership with a different email. You can easily do that by adding a period in your email address during sign up. For example if Damon@gmail.com  is the old account, signing up with new account is D.amon@gmail.com You'll still receive all emails we send you and you can have a new account in a lower tier.

I am sorry it didn't work out. You can cancel here. or by going to paypal . com and deleting your recurring subscription to damonmedek. We hope to still make good music for you!

All refunds are given if it was within 30 days of purchase. Please contact us before contacting paypal. If you've already contact paypal it will take longer for us to process you're refund.

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